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Engaging in the sale of foot pictures and videos can be a fulfilling venture, both emotionally and financially. Many sellers experience increased confidence and income. However, with numerous platforms available, such as OnlyFans, Instagram, FeetFinder, and Feet Lovers Only, choosing the right outlet for your content can be overwhelming.

Fear not! This comprehensive guide offers an insider’s view of one of the newest and fastest-growing foot picture marketplaces on the internet – Fun with Feet. As the name implies, this platform provides a positive, enjoyable experience for both buyers and sellers, coupled with lucrative opportunities.

If you’re ready to dip your toes (pun intended) into the expanding foot picture industry, start by discovering what makes Fun with Feet an excellent choice for both newcomers and seasoned individuals.

About Fun with Fee

Fun with Feet is a relatively recent addition to the foot picture industry, having launched in early 2021. Despite being a newcomer, it aims to establish itself as a safe, secure, and content-rich space for professionals within the industry. From the outset, Fun with Feet’s focus has been on connecting legitimate buyers with skilled content creators who share a passion for feet and artistic expression.

The platform caters to a diverse audience, including professionals seeking foot content for their businesses, foot fetishists fulfilling specific fantasies, and individuals from all walks of life. Fun with Feet also prioritizes a user-friendly experience, achieved through easy-to-navigate categories and collections. All foot content is organized into specific niches, with sellers posting collections ranging from sexy footwear pics to foot massage videos.

To enhance convenience, sellers are encouraged to add tags and keywords to their content, simplifying the search process for buyers. The platform’s homepage prominently displays popular categories and trending topics, ensuring buyers can easily discover new content, while new sellers gain exposure under the “Recently Joined” section.

Fun with Feet for Sellers

Whether you’re looking for a change from other platforms or are a newcomer to selling foot pictures, Fun with Feet provides a creative outlet for your work. Before diving into the registration process and paying a nominal listing fee, familiarize yourself with what it takes to become a seller on this dedicated marketplace.

The Registration Process

To get started, visit FunwithFeet.com and click on the “Sell Now” button. You’ll be directed to the registration page, where you’ll enter personal information such as a display name (not necessarily your legal name), age, gender, ethnicity, and country of origin.

Next, provide a short bio and upload a profile picture, which doesn’t need to include your face. Fun with Feet prohibits nudity, so ensure all crucial parts are covered. The “About You” section is an opportunity to showcase your personality, interests, and any relevant details without divulging overly personal information.

Conclude the registration by entering your email address and creating a password, crucial for accessing your Fun with Feet account, including page, notifications, and earnings. After entering all information and clicking “Continue,” choose a subscription plan. Fun with Feet’s low subscription fees allow sellers to keep 100% of their sales, making it a cost-effective choice for listing and selling content.

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The seller membership plan, priced at $9.99 for three months, unlocks various features, including the ability to chat with buyers, accept custom orders, answer interview questions, and regularly update collections with fresh content. For those committed to their foot picture business, the six-month package at $14.99 is a cost-effective option, saving $5.00 in the long run.

Choose a package and input your first and last name, along with your country of residence. Rest assured, Fun with Feet treats this information confidentially and guarantees that it will never appear on your sales page, allowing sellers to maintain complete anonymity while pursuing their foot pic aspirations.

Once you’ve selected a package, click the “Proceed to Payment” button, where you’ll find various options for completing your purchase. Fun with Feet employs Card Billing for its subscription services, accepting all major credit and debit cards. Upon completing the transaction, the final total will be displayed in Euros, and your account will be activated and ready for use. Fun with Feet recommends that new sellers upload a minimum of three collections upon launching their sales page, but more is always encouraged.

Upon payment approval, you’ll be automatically redirected to your Fun with Feet dashboard. Customize your profile picture and start uploading content into different collections by selecting “Create Collections” in the upper right corner. While Fun with Feet suggests a minimum of three collections to start, it strongly advises uploading as many as possible, emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity. Ensure that the pictures and videos you upload are high-resolution, reflecting the time and effort you’ve invested in creating them.

Navigate through the sidebar menu to access essential pages such as your profile, earnings, inbox, and settings. Under the “About Me” tab, you’ll find your username at the top, along with options to link your social media accounts and add additional personal information to attract buyers.

The “Earnings” section displays your Fun with Feet wallet balance, including available and pending funds. From this page, you can request a withdrawal and monitor recent transactions. The “Settings” tab allows you to update your email address and password, while the “Inbox” tab lets you view and respond to client messages and requests.

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For Buyers:

The foot pic industry relies on both sellers and buyers, and Fun with Feet caters to individuals seeking diverse foot content. If you’re interested in being a buyer, follow our guide to signing up on the site.

To start, browsing as a buyer is simple and akin to the seller registration process. Even before registering and paying for access to features like unlocking hidden collections, direct messaging sellers, and downloading content, you can explore different pages and categories. Click on “Browse and Buy Sexy Feet Pics & Videos” on the main page to find a list of popular sellers and a search bar for browsing by category or keyword.

Additionally, the “Filters” button allows you to sort and organize content based on your preferences. Select different categories, ethnicities, and genders to narrow down your search effectively.

Creating a Buyer Account

When you discover a seller or collection that piques your interest, simply click on “Unlock Collection.” This action will lead you to the buyer sign-up page. Here, you can easily create a display name, provide your email address and password, and confirm that you’re at least 18 years old before clicking “Sign up & Continue.” If you’re already registered as a seller on Fun with Feet, you can use your existing login information to browse and purchase feet pics.

Once successfully logged in as a buyer and ready to make a purchase, all content within the specific collection you’re interested in becomes visible. You can select a payment method, store a credit card for future use, and effortlessly download your preferred foot content. Additionally, your dashboard allows you to directly message sellers for any inquiries or custom order requests.

How to Make Money on Fun with Feet

Setting your rates on Fun with Feet is a straightforward process, as sellers retain 100% of their sales. The listed price for your content is the amount directly deposited into your Fun with Feet account. Active users typically sell an average of six collections per month, encompassing both pictures and videos. Collection prices generally range between $10 and $30, contingent on content type, category, and seller popularity. At the higher end of this spectrum, earnings could reach up to $180 per month.

Once someone downloads your collection, the funds are automatically deposited into your personal Fun with Feet wallet. From there, you can request a transfer to your bank account, with a minimum withdrawal and transfer amount of $50. Funds become available within a few business days after a withdrawal request.

Earnings on Fun with Feet depend on several factors, providing ample opportunities to generate income. Considerations include the type and quality of content, frequency of activity on the site, engagement with potential customers, responsiveness to messages and notifications, acceptance of custom orders, and the diversity of your collections. Similar to other foot pic platforms, the effort invested in your sales page and reputation correlates with the number of sales and attracted buyers.

Pros and Cons of Fun with Feet for Sellers

As you evaluate foot pic platforms, weigh the following pros and cons of Fun with Feet for sellers:


  1. Keep 100% of Your Sales: Sellers retain the entirety of their sales, with no commission or fees deducted outside of the monthly package.
  2. Inexpensive, Non-Recurring Subscription Fees: Affordable subscription fees ($9.99 for three months or $14.99 for six months) that do not renew without approval.
  3. Built-In Promotion for New Sellers: The platform showcases new sellers on the homepage, under the “Recently Joined” section, providing a promotional boost.
  4. User-Friendly Website: A professionally designed and streamlined platform that is easy to navigate, making it simple for buyers to find and purchase content.
  5. Secure and Fast Payment Options: Utilizes a secure payment platform, allowing fast and secure transactions with major credit cards. Funds are safely deposited into the Fun with Feet wallet until reaching $50 or more, with quick transfer options to associated bank accounts.

These advantages contribute to a positive selling experience on Fun with Feet.


  1. Periodic Website Glitches: Some sellers have reported encountering glitches on the website, such as being unable to access messages despite receiving notifications. Slow loading times may result from sellers attempting to upload excessively large files or images. To ensure optimal performance, it is advisable to stick to medium-sized, high-resolution images that won’t hinder your sales page.
  2. Requires a Subscription Fee to Use Most Features: While Fun with Feet necessitates a subscription fee, similar charges are a common feature on foot pic platforms. Despite the drawback of a required fee, upgrading your account is essential for accessing tools and features crucial for building your profile and connecting with buyers. Fortunately, Fun with Feet’s subscription rates are reasonable compared to other platforms.

Pros and Cons of Fun with Feet for Buyers:


  1. Easy and Affordable Browsing and Searching for Foot Content: Navigating foot content on Fun with Feet is both simple and affordable. After signing up and creating a username, password, and choosing a subscription plan, buyers can explore numerous pages of high-quality foot pics and videos. Interacting with sellers, purchasing and downloading preferred collections, and even placing custom orders via direct messages are all user-friendly processes.
  2. Safe and Secure Payment System: Fun with Feet employs a secure payment system called Card Billing for all transactions, providing buyers the option to use major credit cards with additional safeguards. Any payment-related concerns can be directed to the Fun with Feet customer service team for prompt assistance.
  3. Easy-to-Use Categories and Collections: The platform simplifies the search process by allowing users to find precisely what they’re looking for. Whether seeking artistic photos as a professional or business owner or catering to specific kinks and fetishes as a foot lover, users can easily search using keywords, categories, or collections, all at affordable prices.
  4. Professional and Verified Sellers: Buyers on Fun with Feet benefit from a secure environment as all sellers are verified professionals. The platform supports a diverse range of sellers, including both professionals and those from the fetish industry. Emphasis is placed on high-quality content, high-resolution images, and professional and polite interactions between sellers and clients.


  1. Lack of Response from Sellers: Some buyers have reported not receiving responses from sellers, possibly due to website glitches. Active and responsive sellers are more likely to address messages promptly, while those who post infrequently may overlook notifications. To enhance the buyer experience, it is advisable to focus on engaging with active and responsive sellers who consistently post content.

To make an informed decision about Fun with Feet, it’s beneficial to read reviews from real customers, as provided below.

Positive Seller Reviews:

  1. “Great site for beginners like me who knew nothing about selling foot pictures at first. Before long, I was posting multiple pics a day, chatting with customers, and even taking custom orders.”
  2. I love the fact that FunwithFeet lets you keep 100% of your money and only charges a small listing fee to keep your sales page running. The site itself is super easy to navigate and is well-organized.”
  3. “This is the easiest platform for selling feet pics and videos! The registration process only took me a few minutes, and my account was active immediately so I could start posting and making money.”

Negative Seller Reviews:

  1. “The website would be great if only I could access my messages.”
  2. “I feel like I’m not getting the recognition I would prefer.”
  3. “Despite having a membership, I’m having trouble connecting with legitimate buyers.”

Positive Buyer Reviews:

  1. “Fun with Feet boasts the hottest models with beautiful and diverse photo collections. I’ve never been disappointed with a purchase.”
  2. “Quality pics and videos from legit and verified sellers. What more do you need?”
  3. “I love the sexy content and the educational blog. I’ve learned so much about foot fetishes since joining this site.”

Negative Buyer Reviews:

  1. “I tried to message a few sellers directly with no response, but I’ll keep trying as it might be their issue and not the site itself.”
  2. “The website can be a little slow loading sometimes.”
  3. “I’ve encountered a few technical glitches along the way, but nothing major.”

Fun with Feet Customer Service:

Customer service is a vital aspect of any successful online business, including selling feet pics. Fun with Feet provides an accessible customer support page where both buyers and sellers can send detailed messages outlining their questions or concerns. By clicking on “Contact Us” and entering essential information, users can expect prompt and helpful assistance. In a test scenario, a message sent to Fun with Feet’s support team regarding image uploading received a polite and thorough response within 24 hours. With such responsiveness, buyers and sellers can enjoy uninterrupted service and website access.

Fun with Feet vs. Competitor Platforms:

Website Layout and Functionality: Fun with Feet offers a streamlined website with easy navigation and a warm, neutral color palette. While minor glitches may occur, they are likely attributed to inactive accounts. In contrast, competitor platforms like FeetFinder and Feetify may have clunky designs, childlike colors, and overwhelming categories that can hinder user experience.

Customer Service and Support: Fun with Feet’s customer service team stands out for its responsiveness and helpfulness. While some platforms take days to respond with generic answers, Fun with Feet’s support staff offers swift and personalized assistance. A live chat feature could enhance the experience, but the current responsiveness compensates for its absence.

Fees and Commissions: Fun with Feet distinguishes itself by allowing sellers to keep 100% of their sales, in contrast to competitors like FeetFinder and OnlyFans, which retain 20%. The subscription fees for listing items are affordable, offering flexibility and control over renewal, aligning with the user’s budget.

Earning Potential: Fun with Feet provides numerous avenues for sellers to capitalize on their content, with the flexibility to set rates and keep 100% of earnings. The ability to interact directly with buyers through chat features, accept custom orders, and showcase collections on the homepage enhances earning potential. This is a significant advantage compared to platforms that rely on chance for visibility.

Security and Safety: Fun with Feet prioritizes safety by using a secure billing system, verifying all users, and safeguarding user information. Unlike some platforms that require sellers to choose their own billing methods, Fun with Feet ensures a secure environment. The platform also supports seller anonymity, a valuable feature for those who prefer not to reveal their identity.

In summary, Fun with Feet stands out in several aspects, offering a user-friendly experience, responsive customer service, favorable fee structures, substantial earning potential, and a commitment to security and privacy.

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